Whats the Scoop on COVID?

COVID and why is it and issue

I have had the auspicious opportunity to really get down into this topic during my ‘Quarantine’ obligation from the 16th of November 2021. It was an interesting experience mostly because I felt like I and more directly my family, especially my beautiful husband, were being punished.

We faithfully followed all the government requirements and engaged with SA Health app (when it was working) for facial recognition scan in and GPS location 3 times per day. When the Police turned up to confirm I was where I was supposed to be on two occasions, Yep there I was – following the rules.

All these people are just doing their jobs – respect. I get it.

Now you might be detecting some negativity – sorry about that. I would have to say that I’m not exactly negative, I am actually, cynical.

During my ‘Quarantine’ I actually found myself in some very bad places – mentally. When you lock someone up for no good reason then expect a positive outcome you have unrealistic expectations of humans.

In an en-devour to understand WHY my family and I were being punished and made to feel like some kind of criminal having freedoms removed from me I have applied myself to understand this ‘Pandemic’.

Here is what I have found:

The COVID Research Published 07/12/2021


I also soundly believe, that due to our lucky country status, we have had our ‘comfort and

lifestyles’ threatened by Governments and we, including myself, would do almost anything to get

our freedoms back – even taking an unproven vaccine for something that I am at low risk of

contracting yet would have a high likelihood of surviving.

I think that makes us a bunch of cowards… just saying.

I have been into very dark places in the preceding weeks. I have contemplated, read, assessed,

listen to, reviewed, searched and educated myself in medical terms and phrases and reasoning.

I have studied the big picture, what’s fact, what’s fiction, what’s hypotheses, opinion, fear

mongering, intimidation and in some cases bully tactics.

But more importantly I have tried to understand why this is happening? Not just to me but to us all.

Heidi Fabian – CEO Panache’ Fab Ent. Founder University of Dead Arts

42 Appendix References

Most of the Appendix links that follows are all in the above document. However I thought beneficial to place them here as well. Within the following appendix are further links that will substantiate the documents before you. There is a lot of reading here and I would encourage you to take the time to read it all including the further links to evidence. I as do the powers that be know that very few people will have the time, let alone the patients to diligently follow up on the full study of the topic. Thus being stated, It is my observation that this is why we are being manipulated by governments and big pharma – they know not everyone has the time to do the study – this is their window of opportunity.


The link above is in both Hebrew and English – Please persevere

Independent review

by Former NSW Police Sergeant Stephen Kelly

I could not have said it better.