University of Dead Arts

University of Dead Arts

The University of Dead Arts is a Blog dedicated to the skills we’ve lost as much as the skills that replace what we have lost.

Theo works at the University of Dead Arts
Theo is the Dean of the University of Dead Arts. Theo’s full name is Theodore.


In all seriousness, I am passionate about hand skills. Hand skills over time are lost to society due to advances in technology, demand for a product and as will always be new generations where Masters retire.

The goal of the University is too connect people. Those of us who simply have a general interest in hand made products and those of us who seek to embrace hand skills and wish to develop our own passions.

Please do not get me wrong, I LOVE my technology and would not be with out my industrial vacuum and dishwasher, let alone my iPhone.

On the contrary, it is because I am so reliant on these items that give me more time and universal accessibility that I wish to seek out things that are unique, singular and esoteric.

I believe trades are vital. I myself hold two trades, Dairyman and Jeweller/ Silversmith and various other certifications primarily because I a practical learner.

Because I am an avid documentary watcher I will from time to time simply post a documentary that I have reviewed. Simply because it is interesting.