About Us

Writing an ‘About Us’ page might seem simple at first – but, surprisingly, for me it is an epic reflection of where I began and why I do what I do!

I have several alias that all lead here to this web site.

Panache’Fab was my first business adventure. On completion of my trade as a Manufacturing Jeweller my Beloved husband suggested that I begin my own business – making Jewellery.

From there I ventured into party planning for children’s birthdays. This was a fun thing to do – delivering craft activities and entertainment at birthday parties.

During these early days of self-employment, I continued to help my husband in his business within the administration of the office and its day to day running. As this business clicked into overdrive, I found myself more in the office then at my chosen profession. With an ever increasing demand on skill ‘know how‘ within this business I discovered I was pretty good with computers and technology, so I developed my knowledge of web site management and became independent from offshore companies, keeping all administration within our own work place, my ethos was –

See a Need – Fill a Need

Bigweld – ‘Robots’ Copyright 20th Century Fox

With a complete inability to sit still, I continued to make my jewellery and sew for my 5 children and now grandchildren. This hobby is now, without a doubt an obsession for me.

Today, I focus predominantly on the development of my sewn products and the Jewellery manufacture that I love. I still help my Beloved out where necessary, however am delighted to have the freedom and support to fully focus on my businesses.

‘By Heidi’ is me making and creating bags, clothing and gemstone threading

‘Magpie Productions’ is the eclectic compilation of the ‘Weird and Wonderful’ that I make from booty snoods to dragon wings.

‘TinMan Jewellery’ is my ‘Jewellery with a Heart’ including all the natural materials that I use like leather, pearls and corals. It is Urban Style Jewellery made for the everyday person.

‘University of Dead Arts’ was started as a point of recognition to the skills society has lost and might lose over time and I hope that it will ultimately become a home of knowledge in a diverse range of topics.

All together this is Panache’Fab. A home of inspired creativity. The beginning of everything that hopefully and ultimately will bless each person who comes into contact with my Hand Made products.

So, there it is. A pretty daunting journey of personal growth and adventure.

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Magpie Productions is home to a diverse range of hand made goods from Australia. Some Up-cycled items and plenty of Unique Urban Jewellery

Panache’Fab Ent.