Repousse and Chasing

Repousse and Chasing - The classic skills

This Traditional skills course will provide you with the introductory knowledge of Classic craft. Used to embellish the silver ware of kings and personal adornment of queens, this workshop will provide you with endless creative inspiration.You will also be taught how to make your own tools for your specific creative tasks.Basic Details: Three day course $1,500.00 Includes toolsBasic kitchen facilities available. BYO lunch

The Term Chasing is derived from the noun “chase” which refers to a grove, furrow, channel or indentation. Chasing is used to define a three-dimensional shape in relief usually in sheet metal. The techniques of Repousse’ and chasing use the malleability of metal to form shape by degree.

Repousse’ and Chasing is one of the oldest crafts known to mankind.

The art of pushing, shaping and moving the metal takes control and self-discipline.

This course will teach you the science behind precious metals and how and why they move so fluidly when caressed with a finesse hand.

Highly popular, this course fills quick and there are only limited positions.

**Some precious metals extra if requested by student. Materials invoiced on Sunday.




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