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At home and About us: PanacheFab.Ent is a company that has a diverse portfolio. In part I am a one man band, it is a culmination of skills I use on a daily bases to help others and keep myself busy.

Some of the things I do:


TinMan is Panache'Fab
TinMan Jewellery is Jewellery with a heart.

TinMan Jewellery – Jewellery that is hand made with precious metals and gemstones. I include some natural products such as Leather and Timber in some of the items. My style of jewellery has been described as eclectic an urban. I have a passion for the environment and have developed over time a jewellery range of Upcycled items which is called Digital Art.






Learn how to make your own Silverware using the Traditional techniques of the Masters.
Learn how to make your own Silverware using the Traditional techniques of the Masters.

Graphic Design – I create promotional images for a range of people in small business. I can create e-flip books for web sites or even newspaper ads to promote your business.


Web sites – Small business websites are a passion of mine that began when my husband required a web site and we had a budget of $0 to work with. I now host and maintain several web sites. I specialize in setting the small business owner up with a website in such a way that they can maintain their web site Just the way they want, and maintain cost effectiveness.



Happy memories involve dressing up
Here is a dress up I made for my Grand Daughter in 2018

Kiki Kidz – Generally a way for me to sew clothing for my Grand Daughter and Grand Son. The cloths are often reversible so that if your out and poppet gets messy you can just flip the cloths over and keep going till your home.








Upcyced Passion is here!
Up-cycled goods are something I love to create. Giving ‘Lost’ items new purpose give me a great deal of satisfaction.

PanacheFab Apprel – This product line is diverse in every way. I make Handbags, Coats and bits and Bobs. Mostly one off items so when you see them grab them because each item is individual.

My Design My Creation – Just a little game of design which allows the users to design and have hand crafted items for personal adornment.





University of Dead Arts
University of dead arts seeks to connect people with curiosities and long lost skills.

University of Dead Arts – predominately a blog to discuss skills humanity has lost. Where to find training for those skills today if a person chooses to do so. As well as new innovations that affect us.

Anyway, this is what I do – Create stuff

“Inspired to Create out of a Creative desire”…Panache’Fab

Curator of Content Heidi Fabian